Finding Solutions

Working closely with our clients Mix14 will analyze, develop and implement a solution that fits your needs, ensuring that your quality and engineering standards are maintained. 


Whether you’re after a flammability and material test, or a procedural quality test, we can carry out a range of solutions based experiments.

As a supplier to the Aerospace industry of both innovative products and services Mix14 has ensured that our quality system is always at the forefront of requirements.

Mix14 is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction to the best of its abilities and to ensure that all procedures and practices are suitable to their purpose

We comply with the applicable legislation and regulations as well as the recommendations and ethics of industrial bodies to which it subscribes. 

This commitment extends to the continual improvement of quality and environmental performance, together with the prevention of pollution and the reduction of waste.

Developer, Manufacturer, Innovator.

The Mix14 team is dedicated to finding solutions to long standing problems within the Aerospace industry whether they are procedural or material.

With our attention to the rigorous EASA/FAA regulatory requirements which includes engineering, testing, documentation and quality Mix14 not only creates the solution but also maintains and updates the necessary information to maintain the adherence to the rules and regulations.


Take a look at the PDF documents for our quality and development testing on various aircraft.


Test plan and results

GULF Airways

SB and Documentation 


Minor crack damage

Products developed as part of our research and development process

  • Aerospace component plastics repair system, SA20-21, SA20-10
  • Engineering supporting the plastic repair system: 15K034-GA-001-5.R
  • Composite repair system material, SOLLUX, SA10-10(7781), SA30-30, SA30-40 See it in action
  • Engineering supporting the composite system: 15K273-RAD-001-0.R
  • Composite curing systems, iBond, SOLLUX Emitters
  • Magna Clamps
  • Water Based stain remover, MX14

Some of our customers currently utilizing the plastic repair systems

SA20-21, SOLLUX, iBond, Magnaclamp and MX14 are exclusivley distrubuted through our authorised stockist and all MSDS and technical data can be found at:


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